Following the steps of Prophet Ibrahim in northern Jordan which is why it is called Abraham Path. Starting from Ajloun Castle reaching to Wadi Arab Dam around 53 km. This hike varies from difficult to moderate to easy hikes.

Day 1:

From Ajloun Castle to Orjan or Rasun around 12 or 15 km. You will see the old fascinating castle of Ajloun and the old Roman church of Marelias filled with old ruins. Moreover, you will pass through the old mosque of Lesteb also filled of roman ruins. After that you will hike to Baoun village and Orjan where you can have food prepared by locals and meet the families of the local community and continue the hike till you reach Orjan or Rasoun village for dinner and sleep in the local homestays.

Day 2:

From Orjan or Rasoun to Jesus Cave around 14-16 km. The first hour of this hike is difficult and before you start the hike you will see the Soap House where locals make and sell handmade soap with natural herbs and the Calligraphy House where locals teaches you all about different kinds of Arabic Calligraphy and you can print your names in Arabic on cards or t-shirts. After that we will start the hike through Tor Ahmar also called the Panorama trail viewing amazing sceneries heading to Khirbet Gableh where you can find old Roman ruins then we to to Wadi Zubia reaching an old olive oil press next to Jesus Cave where Jesus spent 14 days when he came from Palestine passing through Jordan. At the end we will take the local bus going back to Rasoun or Orjan for accommodation in the local home stays where we can have dinner and sleep. Lunch will be in lunch boxes prepared by locals.


From Jesus Cave to Tabaqet Fahel around 9-10 km. Easy hike ending in Tabeqet Fahel, a famous archeological site. The name of the Wadi we will be hiking in is called Wadi Seer. The sceneries will change hiking through this trail, the Oak trees will decrease and flora will differ.You will find other kinds of trees like Juniper. Lunch will also will be in lunch boxes prepared by locals. Accommodation will be in a local motel and dinner will be local food.

Day 4:

From Tabaqet Fahel to Sharhabeel bin hasnah eco-park  / Ziglab Dam around 13 km. Moderate hike with an altitude of 150-200 above sea level. Reaching Sharhabeel bin hasnah eco-park where you will find cottages to sleep in and can do a nice delicious barbeque.

Day 5:

Sharhabeel bin hasnah eco-park / Ziglab Dam to Wadi Arab Dam around 12 km. Moderate hike where you can have a closer look to the Beduin life and how the raise sheep and do dairy products and hear the fascinating old stories from their heritage.