Oftentimes, people who have never climbed before do not understand the concept of vertical rock climbing. Rock climbing is a sport that develops not only physical strength, but mental strength as well. When we say, "Rock Climbing", we are talking about climbing a cliff face using only your hands and feet, where at any time if you slip or let go, you will fall (which is why we use ropes!) While this may sound difficult or scary, the good thing about rock climbing is that there is a huge variety of easy and hard climbs. This makes it easy for ANY beginners to learn and get accustomed to how to safely climb and have fun. Also, when you understand how to use the proper equipment correctly, there is actually very little danger to this seemingly perilous sport! In the Introduction to Climbing course we will teach you the basics on how to safely climb and belay on top rope. In top rope climbing, your rope is running through an anchor at the top of the cliff while the climber and the belayer are attached to opposite sides of the rope. In this setup, the climber is free to rest or let go at any time/height during the climb with no danger at all, since their partner is on the other side of the rope belaying them. Included in this course is instruction in basic climbing knots, basic climbing equipment and it's proper use, and basic climbing technique in both indoor and outdoor settings. There is no better time to start climbing than today! 

Cost: 80 JD per person (70 JD for groups of 5 or more)

Duration: 3 separate sessions

For scheduling and other questions call our office at 0795438708.