Kerak Weida Slabs

5 bolted, 4 multi-pitch with bolted heads so far.

A rough limestone cliff that faces the south of the Dead Sea with a height of 120 meters. It has mostly bolted multi-pitch climbs, with a few trad pitches and a slabby nature, giving more grip on the feet and making these climbs quite enjoyable. The climbs and the base of the cliff are almost always in direct sunlight all day, so it is most often climbed in the cooler seasons of the year. If you do plan to climb here in the Spring or Summer be sure to bring a lot of water! 


Taking the Dead Sea road to the south from Amman after the two villages of Ghor Haditha and Ghor Mazraa take the road at the traffic light that goes left towards Kerak. After around 3 km of driving you cross a small canyon(Weida) on your right the first big multi-pitch climb starts on the right of the canyon. After the canyon drive for about 100 meters and the cliff is on your right.

Route Grade Height Bolted by Notes  
Khuzug Aswad4b25mHakim TamimiSlab 
Hanthala5b35mWilfried ColonaSlab2nd and 3rd pitch 4+ trad climbs with bealy stations total 80m
Tage35b30mWilfried ColonaSlab 
Shanku76a+25mWilfried ColonaOverhang 
Yellow Submarine3 pitches trad belay stations 4+ total 100m     
On southern slab 4 heads and two bolted