Lead climbing is an essential skill for the repertoire of anyone looking to pursue climbing as a hobby or sport. This class focuses on the fundamentals of Sport climbing. Sport climbing utilizes bolts placed in the wall/cliff as protection points for your ascent. As you climb, you clip a quickdraw into each bolt and then clip the rope into each respective quickdraw. If you fall, you are caught by the last bolt that you have clipped into. Obviously, sport climbing is more advanced than top rope climbing, as it requires more technique to clip correctly and manage the rope as you are climbing. Also, most falls on sport lead actually involve falling a short distance before being caught by the rope because you are always climbing above and away from your last clipped bolt. This may sound scary, but lead falls are a regular part of sport climbing and can actually be kind of fun! A common climbing adage is, "If you're not falling, you're not trying hard enough!". In this course you will learn how to lead belay a sport climber, how to catch lead falls safely, techniques for clipping quickdraws, and general lead climbing technique for managing your rope and taking safe (and fun!) lead falls as a climber.


Cost: 80 JD per person (70 JD for groups of 5 or more)

Duration: 3 separate sessions. 1 indoor (2-4 hours) 2 outdoor (half-full day depending on location)

For scheduling and other questions call our office at 0795438708.