Outdoor adventure tourism is growing at a fast rate in Jordan, attracting nature lovers from throughout the world who want to take advantage of its moderate, year-round climate, unique cultural attractions and spectacularly diverse landscape.

Hence, as an initiative of Tropical Desert, we want to provide you with an inspiring opportunity to experience local culture and indulge in Jordan’s different sites by embarking on a new journey exposing nature enthusiasts and the outdoor community to new levels of adventure. Jordan Trail is an easily accessible trail from Jordan’s north to south that connects many of the already well known trails, allowing you to embrace history by passing through ancient kingdoms and empires, natural hot-springs of al-Himma, the hills of Irbid, the bushes of Ajloun, the dry lands of Sweimeh and the Dead Sea canyons, the great gorge of Wadi Hassa, the black basaltic canyons of Shobak, to the pink rocks of Petra and the red sand of Wadi Rum, concluding with Aqaba’s back trail.

Be among the first to hike Jordan from top to bottom. Jordan Trail will be completed over several weekends led by the friendly guides of Tropical Desert.