Join us for a super fun day trip in the charming Heba Trail (part of  Wadi el-Salayta). The hike leads us 3 km through stunning scenery: we will pass white limestone and blueish sedimental stone, cross narrow canyon parts, several pools (which invite great jumps if you want) and beautiful waterfalls. We will finish the hike at an open plateau with a pool and a waterfall where we will have delicious local food. 

This Wadi is located upstream from Mujib Dam (South of Madaba) and is a part of the great Wadi el Mujib, the most famous canyon in Jordan. It is also of historical importance as it is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testament as Wadi Arnoun. 

The trail begins in a small stream and leads to refreshing pools where hikers can jump in and swim.  A winding path through magical scenery and lush vegetation lead to a narrow slot canyon with vertical walls, where hikers are lowered 8m by ropes (optional) through an underground waterfall into a natural pool, from which they exit by sliding into another pool. This 3 km hike can be extended to 12 km if you take a trail to continue through more waterfalls and dams until reaching Mujib Dam.  

This is an easy hike and well suited for persons without previous wadi/rappelling experience.



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