You will abseil 12 waterfalls, you will have a long walk to reach the first and to come out after the last, sleeping in petra is a must, we move at 05:00 in the morning from petra in a local 4×4 to the nearest point to the first waterfall where a local guide is waiting to join the group and the other guide. lunch after the last fall and then the hike to the car.
we reach the 4×4 out by night at 18:00 if the group is fast. We will provide food and the 4×4 transportion from Petra to the wadi and from the end to Qreiqra (the nearest village). We can provide transportion to Petra or you can. also from Qreira.

All considering the group is 7 or less, if group is more (max 14) it is done in two days in which we also provide everything.


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